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Cooking Tips

Tips for Using Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker

Practice safe handling procedures.

  • Wash your hands, all equipment and all ingredients before beginning to prepare food for your baby.
  • Cook meats to safe internal temperature of 165F.
  • Once you have made a batch of baby food, remove one portion to a bowl to feed your child. Follow safe food handling and storage procedures for any leftovers.

Utilize your freezer.

  • When time allows, make larger batches of single ingredient purees and then freeze them.
  • Do not thin purees with breast milk or formula before freezing.
  • When ready to use, simply pull a few cubes out of the freezer and defrost in the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker, or place in the refrigerator to thaw overnight.

Preparing ingredients and filling the bowl.

  • Most ingredients that you will steam in the machine should be cut into 1/4- inch dice.
  • Larger pieces may not cook through and the puree will have a gritty feel.
  • The bowl of the Baby Brezza can hold up to four cups of raw ingredients. The machine works best when filled just under the maximum capacity.
  • Check that the water tank is filled to capacity before setting the machine to steam.

Blending to the proper consistency.

  • Babies have to learn how to eat. It takes time for them to learn to accept a spoon in their mouth, manipulate their tongue and swallow. The first purees that you offer your little one should be very thin, about the consistency of heavy cream. As your baby becomes more adept at eating, you can begin to make the purees thicker.
  • It is best to blend in the machine and then remove the puree to a bowl in order to add breast milk, formula or water to thin to the appropriate consistency.
  • Blend time changes with the age of your baby. When making first foods, remove the lid, scrape down bowl and blend longer to insure that there are no large chunks. (Wait until steam stops coming from top before attempting to remove lid.) For older babies, leaving the food a bit chunky allows them to practice chewing.

Residual Liquid.

  • Once an ingredient is finished steaming you will notice that there is liquid in the bowl.
  • Ingredients that contain a lot of water (for example apples, pears, cherries, blueberries, zucchini, tomatoes and ground meats) create an abundance of this residual liquid.
  • When you see a large amount of liquid in the bowl, it is best to pour off (but do not discard) the liquid before blending.
  • The reserved water can then be added back in as needed.


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